End of Days

It's been quite a while since I've updated this blog, due to laziness and lack of new updates in life. Anyways, this post will essentially be about what's bugging my mind right now.

Form 6.

After several more hours, I'll head out to my ex-school to finalize all the necessary requirements for the documents needed for registration as a student of Form VI, then after an hour or so after that, head out to my new school.

Batu Lintang...

To be frank? I'm not all too excited about going there. It's not that I don't want to attend school or anything―rather, it's that
I'm dreading what will come next.

Within the immediate week, orientation. From early morning 'till noon. In a new school which I've never been familiar with... okay, so orientation is supposed to familiarize us with it. No arguments there. Still... I'm betting my cards that nearly all of it will be brain-killing.

I really do not want to go. I just want to stay home and enjoy the last week of holidays, before hell arrives to torment me anew. But my parents insist I go. And I doubt I have a choice of my own.

But worst of all, are these certain issues playing through my mind:

1. I won't have any close friends in BL.
Sure, some of my classmates are going there. But I was never the popular guy. The closest I came to popular was when I remarked on something and everyone laughed. Which I assure you, is feckin' rare. Of all the friends I was comfy with last year, none will go where I will, I believe. Churchill? In goddamned Swinburne. Jeff? If it ain't matriculation, it'll be NS... good luck to him on that. Chuan Yee? Bound for KL soon, if he's not already there. My NS buddies?


Sure, I can transfer. And I will. But it takes time... maybe even months. Do I really want to uproot myself and start familiarizing myself all over again? No I don't, but I've no choice. It's that, or stay at kiasu BL. Which leads us to no. 2...

2. BL is fucking kiasu.

Or so I heard from Wan Ying. *Sigh* Churchill's been telling me I don't know anything about it myself, that I can't judge based on others' experiences. Fact: How am I supposed not to? By the time I get in, it'll be too late for me to say, "Fuck, I miscalculated, BL is kiasu afterall." This is all I have to go with. And anyone who knows me, knows how bad I hate the 'kiasu' attitude. It's not my style, and it'll never be my style. Gah. As for the third and last...

3. I'm in the Science stream. Déjà vu, anyone?

The last time I checked, I did badly in the aforementioned stream. I fucking suck at Maths. And do a few appalling notches better at Science subs. After thinking, I decided to play to my strengths―if I'm so good in English, I might as well be a journalist. So I decided to do Mass Comm... but I doubt Science subs will help me get there.

Solution? Apply for transfer. But there have been cases where it was rejected. In other words, fuck the government.
So yeah, this issue is one I can solve... but it cuts both ways. *Frowns* Not to mention I'll have to take Science subs for the meantime, until I switch. Then I have to―wait for it―familiarize myself with the new subs! *Exasperated groan* GODDAMNED RED TAPE!

These 3 issues are more than enough to worry me already... I only hope I don't drop dead during orientation. I have to find a way to skip it. Before I degenerate into random babble, I suppose I should just shut up, so here you go.

―Transmission ends―

Return... and revelation.

It's been a long 2 months and more since the end of yesteryear... so many things have happened, and at the same time... nothing has changed.

This is what I've been doing for the past 2 months: Surviving NS camp. Putting on a defiant mask, and scowling at every word the instructors there tell me; never letti
ng one word get past my defenses.

For to let them persuade me, is to brainwash me. And I
will not permit that. At Serian's NS camp, I saw what Malaysia truly is. A quagmire of racism and corruption. Certain... races treat others like crap, just for the sake of it. The irony: that oppressed race is far more accomplished than the oppressing one.

Yet, they treat us like second-class citizens, only because th
ey were taught so. Only because to their reduced intellect, it is just. Fair. Right. What a tragedy... I went in there mildly racist, and I came out of there extremely racistthat is, racist towards the oppressors!

Now that I'm back, I'm waiting to leave again; a trip to Singapore in the morrow beckons. And another week after the conclusion of that trip, another journey, this time to Lund
u. And after that... it's driving lessons, perhaps a part-time job, and surveys for any opportunities to further my studies, although I'm leaning towards F6.

And I think... it's time for me to try being more 'normal'.
I believe I have to find someone to be withas in a lover. Someone. I'm not sure I can pull it off... but I have to try. The question is, who? I suppose only time will tell.

Back towards the topic of NS. I will not say it is good
for that, it certainly is notbut neither is it truly foul. In the end, it provided me with a place to meet new friends, not to mention seeing life as it truly is.

I do not have much more to say. Not that I had anything to say at first. So... this post ends with a couple of pics.

These are the people who suffered 70 days with me, who endured brainwashing and came out unscathed... all of us have a bond that will endure. To me, they are not the last of my teenage friends... they are the first of my adult friends. As great as Chill, Jeff, CY, KJ, Jerk and the others are, we may part someday... despite those years in secondary school, we don't have anything to hold on to
or rather, nothing stable enough to hold on to.

In the end, even stars burn out...


I'm sure most of you have heard of the movie they call Inception. Well, if you haven't watched it, you should. It FUCKING ROCKS!!!

What is it all about?

Dreams, naturally. And on a larger scale, this movie challenges the way we perceive reality. This movie is for those with abstract thinking; those people whom shed tears after a few minutes of Twilight need not think of watching this epic. You're not worthy of such a movie.

The movie, at its most basic, is like the Matrix meets Ocean's Eleven. Heist with science fiction. It's about a man named Dom Cobb, who is an extractor - someone who steals ideas from people's subconscious through dreams. He's also a widower, who somehow had to flee the US to prevent getting arrested, and now tries to get back there so that he can meet his children again.

Oh, and his wife's kinda dead. Except in his memories. Literally.

In his latest job, he's hired by a man named Saito to perform an inception - like extraction, only the opposite. Do that, and Saito makes his criminal charges disappear, allowing him to return to the US.

Obviously, he needs a team to help him, so he enlists several other people to help him perform this 'inception', one of which is the hot architect Ariadne <3

I'll refrain from telling the rest of the story, as anymore would be a spoiler D: watch it yourself!

Here're some stills from the movie:

Inception stills :o

I couldn't put them here too, so sorry again D:

Well, that's all I suppose. Bye.

And remember... the dream is real.

Revelations, revelations.

So many things to say, yet I know not how to express it all.

So, where should I begin...?

Here, perhaps. In 3 statements.

1. I've finally started to do what I enjoy most, that is writing. Yeah, I just took the first step to being a professional author. Yesterday, I sent a fiction submission form to a certain agency (Can't recall their name). Although to be honest, I wouldn't have known of such sites without Churchill's help, so thanks to him ;D now I can finally realize my dreams of being like Matthew Stover and Paul S. Kemp. Fiction I may write, but even fiction can challenge the mind. Remember Inception? Great movie that was. Will elaborate more in the next post.

2. Certain 5E people are failed pussies. Like the emo egg. Seriously.
Just because Kev took his place for once, and he goes ballistic because he can't ask CY about Physics? Oh pleaseeee. Did you not notice the teacher standing in front teaching the exact same topic? What the fuck, man? And to add insult to injury, you accuse me of being lazy with the non-logical reason that I didn't come for a club meeting because I was going out to the Spring? Oh sure, you make it all sound so easy.

"Ask your friend to pick you up after the meeting la."

Unless you've noticed, my friend's father is so fucking NOT MINE, okay? Don't you have any manners? And you try to hide your actions too. You said that I could go after 9, while in truth you said after the meeting. And I have the proof. Liar. Delete me off Facebook then. It won't matter. From now on, I'm not attending your club meetings. My allegiance are for those whom deserve it. Unlike you. It's fucking ironic though. You hate me because I didn't come for the second time, while others who barely come at all don't make it into that list. Biased Chinese-educated asshole.

3. Within Tempation rocks!!! I'm in love with their two most recent albums, The Silent Force and The Heart of Everything. God, Sharon den Adel (their vocalist) has an awesome voice! Here's an example of their symphonic grace:

Within Temptation - Angels

Sorry I couldn't embed it here, but it wasn't allowed D:

That's all I have to say for this post mates. Ciao~

Bloody week, bloody luck.

Just got lectured a couple of hours ago by my father for lousy test results. And now I have to relinquish my cellphone and computer. What the hell?! Apparently, it's always my fault whenever my results drop.

'Yeah, right.'

My father doesn't understand. No one does. It's not that I'm an idiot, it's true. But it's definitely the teachers' fault (Not all of them though).

When the teachers suck in teaching, the students get disillusioned. Some study by themselves, but I doubt they understand how to truly apply and use it. Others suffer, as they lack the spirit to study without understanding.

I am the latter type. All my father thinks is that I spend my time on Facebook chatting away. Again:

'Yeah, right.'

I spend my time on the Internet READING, you dolt. Use your eyes for once, will you? How did you think I got so good in English? By reading my novels alone?

Oh well. I suppose I got the blind ones.

On another note... that Phang now has Kiuey for a junior. And I don't like it.

The guy has anger issues. He keeps grudges and tries to spread them to others. And from what I heard (A reliable source, no less), he's acting overprotective of her.

Now I feel like screaming:


It's obvious. He wants to impress Kiu. And in the process, demean me
(Especially if she's told him about me).

How great. Now a guy who dislikes me 'cause of something I apparently did to his sister (while I never even knew her) wants to 'Kiu' me to hook the fish known as Jocelyn Kiu. So I'm bait.Har har har. Very funny.

Somebody needs to give him an 'Anwar' all right. And quick. <.< I hate this week. Thankfully it's the last. Won't have to see SMKJA anymore after SPM and the remaining sigs and certs are obtained. I swear I'll make it outta cursed Malaysia. I don't belong here. And I never will. Not when I'm still me. On a brighter note, at least I got to see the best video involving cars ever! Jeremy Clarkson *boomed* a Perodua Kelisa ;DDD

Muahahahahaha. Enjoy.
And farewell~

Fulham. Oh, dear Fulham~

As we all football fans probably know by now, for the first time in many years, the semi-finals of the Champions League will not have any English teams in it. Now, Fulham and Liverpool - who beat Benfica 5-3 on aggregate in their Europa League quarter-final - are the last two remaining English sides in Europe, following the elimination of Manchester United and Arsenal from the Champions League this week.

Notice something? No one speaks much about Fulham, despite their great performance this season. Compared to Liverfail, they've actually done better for a side with less resources to use. And they certainly have claimed more high-profile scalps in the first edition of the Europa League. Let us compare the respective sides' seasons so far:

Liverpool (Who are arguably the superior side due to better resources and several world-class players):

Injuries to important players such as Steven Gerrard derailed their quest to go one better than their runner-up position the previous season. The transfer of people such as Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid didn't help much either. The signing of players unable to compensate for the gap the transferred ones left weakened the team, causing them to be the first of the Big Four to drop out of the Champions League, yet ironically, the last of the Four to remain in European competition. Currently struggling to retain fourth place too O:

Now, how 'bout Fulham?

This season has been one to remember for the Cottagers. Nearly made it to the quarter-finals of the FA Cup, yet were beaten 1-3 by Tottenham. Their league form has been moderate, their position at midtable. However... the magic starts with the Europa League. There, they have drawn and beaten AS Roma 1-1 and 2-1 respectively in the group stages, defeated defending champions Shaktar Donetsk in the last 32, overwhelmed Italian giants Juventus 5-4 on aggregate, and soundly beat current German champions Vfl Wolfsburg 3-1 on aggregate, sealing their passage to the semi-finals, a fixture against Hamburg SV, and the honor of being one of only 2 English sides left in European competition this year, the other being Liverpool (Who were expected to anyway).

And yet no one ever sees Fulham's skill this season. Under Roy Hodgson, they have matured from a team fighting relegation on a seasonal basis to a team capable of fighting the best on their day.

Bobby Zamora being congratulated by Simon Davies after a 21 second goal O:
(It looked more like a 20 second one though)

Now look at this guy! He obviously sucks. O: no double and Liverfail would've been in a sticky position, no?

Conclusion: Liverfail so < Fulham. Anyone who cares to say otherwise can look down now, 'cause they


That's all I gotta say for tonight~ chao!

5 wishes I have ;D

Firstly... *epic cello sequence*

Illidan Stormrage's action figure! The first demon hunter in the Warcraft mythos. Damn, I want it bad. D: sombodeh buy it for me! Preferably on June 28 xD


Learning Mando'a! :o
Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur
. ;D

And third...

Writing at the same standard or surpassing this sonovabitch :o
(Not the dog o.o)


Playing The Force Unleashed :o great storyline~

Last but definitely not least... ;D

Getting a kiss from Keira Knightley! ;D something I'd die/kill/bribe/do anything for xD

Putting daydreams aside... it's been a boring couple of days D: with no games to play, countless reading, an asshole provoking me, boring Chemisery tuition (Damn you Julian Voong mlm) and no one to talk to, I've stuck my face to the comp screen until 5 and 3 respectively for the last 2 days. <.<

Onto another topic, 24's gonna end! D:
On March 26, 2010, a statement was issued from Fox explaining that Season 8 would conclude 24's run on television. Kiefer Sutherland gave a statement:

This has been the role of a lifetime, and I will never be able to fully express my appreciation to everyone who made it possible. While the end of the series is bittersweet, we always wanted 24 to finish on a high note, so the decision to make the eighth season our last was one we all agreed upon. This feels like the culmination of all our efforts from the writers to the actors to our fantastic crew and everyone at Fox. Looking ahead to the future, Howard Gordon and I are excited about the opportunity to create the feature film version of 24. But when all is said and done, it is the loyal worldwide fan base that made it possible for me to have the experience of playing the role of Jack Bauer, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Executive producer and showrunner Howard Gordon was also a part of the decision. He was quoted saying:

"Kiefer and I have loved every minute of making 24, but we all believe that now is the right time to call it a day. I echo his sentiments of gratitude toward the show’s amazing creative team, as well as the studio and network who have always believed in us and shown us unbelievable support."

"24 is so much more than just a TV show – it has redefined the drama genre and created one of the most admired action icons in television history," said Peter Rice, Chairman, Entertainment, Fox Networks Group. Kevin Reilly, President, Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company added, "We are extremely proud of this groundbreaking series and will be forever thankful to Kiefer, the producers, the cast and crew for everything they’ve put intoover the years. It’s truly been an amazing and unforgettable eight days."

Plans for a feature film are now being explored, with Billy Ray being contracted to write a screenplay, and plans for shooting to commence in late 2010 or early 2011.

So it's goodbye, I suppose. T.T and to make things worse, I have swimming club later. Wadapack -.- I hope I don't get laughed at. =X curse this flabby torso! D:

With nothing else to say, I bid thee adieu for now :o